uses for setup.cfg and extracting data from it

Chris Withers chris at
Wed Sep 9 11:29:55 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Do people generally source control their package's setup.cfg? sort of implies it 
should be editable by the person installing the package, but I've never 
personally used a package where that's the case...

Assuming the distutils docs are out of date and this file is really 
"owned" by the package maintainer, how do I extract information from it 
in (and elsewhere for that matter!)

I'm looking for somewhere consistent to store the following for all my 

- mailing lists url

- issue tracker url

- change log url

- documentation url

...such that I can generate a sensible long_description for use on PyPI 
but also such that I can include the information in the Sphinx docs...



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