Using's output and compiling in Windows

Di Biase, Paul A CIV NAVAIR, 4.4 paul.dibiase at
Thu Sep 10 13:53:07 CEST 2009

I have learned python (and wxpython) over the past year and it has taken
over every other language in my work environment for almost every task
(langs: matlab, VBA, fortran...yes fortran, c++, more too...). 

My main concern has always been distribution of software over our
internal networked computers. Essentially, installing python on the
machines is not an option and I'd like another avenue besides using
py2exe as a bundling tool.

This lead me to looking at (which is available through the
source files but NOT the binary installation). My understanding of is that it outputs C source code and a makefile (if it
works...) which can then be compiled using linux's make and make install
creating a binary.

Is it possible to take the output from and compile the
resulting source code in a Windows environment, creating a "standalone"
windows executable?

If this method has been covered else where, please point me in that
direction and I'll do the grunt work. As far as I can tell, this exact
topic hasn't received any attention.


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