Use python to execute a windows program

Simon Brunning simon at
Fri Sep 11 17:01:39 CEST 2009

2009/9/11 Doran, Harold <HDoran at>:
> The way we do this now is a person sits in front of their machine and
> proceeds as follows:
> 1) Open windows program
> 2) Click file -> open which opens a dialog box
> 3) Locate the file (which is a text file) click on it and let the
> program run.

It might very well be possible, depending upon how the program you
want to automate has been written.

First, make sure, absolutely sure, that's there's no "proper"
automation option available - a command line version, COM automation,
that kind of thing. These approaches are very much easier than GUI

If none of these options are available, <>
is probably what you need.

Simon B.

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