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Sat Sep 12 17:30:19 CEST 2009

Donn <donn.ingle at> wrote:
> On Saturday 12 September 2009 07:55:14 Lie Ryan wrote:
>> > f=ImageFont.truetype("FGTshgyo.TTF",1,encoding="utf-8")
>> > print
>> > '?????s????'
>> Are you sure that your terminal (Command Prompt/bash/IDLE/etc) supports
>> utf-8 and that it is properly set up to display utf-8?
> Fairly sure... It's konsole under Kubuntu Jaunty. My locale it utf-8. To tell 
> the truth I am not sure how to be sure.

apt-get install unicode
unicode 0100..

if you see a lot of accented letters (and not squares or question marks), 
you can be sure

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