platform-specific overrides of functions and class methods (expanding on imputils demo code)

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>>>> if somebody would like to add this to the python bugtracker, as a
>>>> contribution, that would be great.  alternatively, you might like to
>>>> have a word with the python developers to get them to remove the
>>>> censorship on my contributions.
>>> Excuse me?  What censorship?
>>  i was ordered to cease contributing to python.
>As I remember from the public discussion, you were asked to cease using 
>the bugtracker as a progress blog ...
>> the cause was the
>> provision of a port of python to run under mingw32, which passed all
>> but eight of the regression tests.
>and wait until you had a complete patch to submit. 

That matches my memory as well.  Luke, your contributions would
definitely be welcome, but contributions must follow some process.
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