Python and 3d

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Sun Sep 13 18:29:12 CEST 2009

azrael wrote:
> Has anyone any exipience with python and 3d.
> I mean, is there a module to deal with popular 3d formats like 3ds, or
> vrml. is it possible to import into python opengl models and then use
> it in application for GUI purposes like through WX. I know that WX
> supports OpenGL but how to import models from file.

There's a few older projects to load 3DS files, but I don't think any of
them is currently PyOpenGL 3.x compatible.  OpenGLContext loads VRML97
files (with SimpleParse installed).  Pyglet, OpenGLContext and Ian
Mallet's game engine all load .obj models (I believe Ian's engine is the
most advanced there).  Pivy should load VRML files as well, and has a
very powerful engine (COIN) under the covers (OpenGLContext is more of a
demo/testing system).  The big engines (Ogre, Soya, OpenSceneGraph,
Crystal Space, etc) should all have content loaders, though I haven't
played with them enough to be able to say what formats they support.


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