Python and 3d

Ryniek90 ryniek90 at
Sun Sep 13 21:29:40 CEST 2009

> azrael wrote:
>> Has anyone any exipience with python and 3d.
>> I mean, is there a module to deal with popular 3d formats like 3ds, or
>> vrml. is it possible to import into python opengl models and then use
>> it in application for GUI purposes like through WX. I know that WX
>> supports OpenGL but how to import models from file.
> There's a few older projects to load 3DS files, but I don't think any of
> them is currently PyOpenGL 3.x compatible.  OpenGLContext loads VRML97
> files (with SimpleParse installed).  Pyglet, OpenGLContext and Ian
> Mallet's game engine all load .obj models (I believe Ian's engine is the
> most advanced there).  Pivy should load VRML files as well, and has a
> very powerful engine (COIN) under the covers (OpenGLContext is more of a
> demo/testing system).  The big engines (Ogre, Soya, OpenSceneGraph,
> Crystal Space, etc) should all have content loaders, though I haven't
> played with them enough to be able to say what formats they support.
> HTH,
> Mike

Maybe check out:

- Panda3D ( ),
- PyGame ( ),
- PyKyra ( ),
- PyOpenGL ( ),


Blender ( ).

All above deserve attention.

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