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Sun Sep 13 23:23:38 CEST 2009

Peng Yu <pengyu.ut at> writes:

> Is there is a way to make python check the variables just as the
> strict mode in perl. Would somebody let me know what is the python
> equivalent to the perl strict mode?

There isn't one, because Python doesn't have the same concept of “unsafe
constructs”; in Python, we think more carefully about adding such
constructs to the language in the first place :-) and use a process like
Python 2 → Python 3 to remove them.

You're specifically asking about variables, so I assume you mean the
‘strict vars’ mode to chack variable usage against variable
declarations. Python doesn't have those declarations, and doesn't really
have “variables” as you might think of them either. So no, there's no
such thing in Python.

You will probably be interested in static code checkers such as pyflakes
<URL:> which is small and simple, or
pylint <URL:> which is comprehensive
and very customisable.

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