Accessing objects at runtime.

jacopo jacopo.pecci at
Mon Sep 14 07:57:27 CEST 2009

>    You might consider running a BaseHTTPServer in a separate thread
> which has references to your objects of interest and exporting the
> data through a web interface. Using a RESTful approach for mapping
> URLs to objects within your system, a basic export of the data can
> be as simple as printing out HTML strings with interpolated data.

Thank you Gary,

just to be sure I understood correctly:
with this solution, in order to inspect an object I would have to load
a web page at a specific URL. That URL,
through a separate thread, would access the object on the fly and
display the content in a web page?!
Is there a reason to link objects to different URLs or I could link
many of them to the same URL?

Thanks, Jacopo

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