An assessment of the Unicode standard

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Sep 14 13:00:08 CEST 2009

r wrote:
> What makes you think that diversity is lost with a single language? I
> say more pollination will occur and the seed will be more potent since
> all parties will contribute to the same pool. Sure there will be
> idioms of different regions but that is to be expected. But at least
> then i could make international crank calls without the language
> barrier ;-)

well allegedly, "the medium is the message" so we also need to take account of 
language in addition to the meaning of communications. I don't believe all 
languages are equivalent in the meanings that they can encode or convey. Our 
mathematics is heavily biassed towards continuous differential systems and as a 
result we end up with many physical theories that have smooth equilibrium 
descriptions, we may literally be unable to get at other theories of the 
physical world because our languages fall short.
Robin Becker

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