An assessment of the Unicode standard

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> Well, I am from one of the non-English speaking countries (Czech
> Republic). We were always messed up with windows-1250 or iso-8859-2.
> Unicode is really great thing for us and for our developers.

Yes you need the crutch of Unicode because no all-encompassing-
language exists today. Because of this we need interpretors at
accident scenes, and subtitles on movies. Public Warning Systems must
be delayed due to repeating the same information in different
languages. And the worst part of all of this is the human instinct to
fear that which is different. Yes, multi-languages contribute to
racism and classism although are not the only cause. What moronicity
is this when a self-aware species has evolved for as long as we and
yet, has not perfected universal communication, sad, very sad! What
would an advanced civilization think if they dropped in for a spot of

> About the "western" technology made in China and Taiwan... do you
> really think US are so modern? I can only recommend you to visit
> Japan :).

The US is nearing the end of it's global reign and superpower status.
Is that a good or bad thing? Only time shall tell! Doesn't matter
really because some other power will step in and be the hated one,
it's very lonely at the top -- i myself know this fact all to well ;-)

> I also think 26 letters are really limited and English is one of the
> most limited languages ever. It has too strict syntax. Yeah, it is
> easy to learn, but not so cool to hear every day.

So how many letters do we need? 50, 100, 1000? Simplisticity is
elegance, that is why Python is so beautiful! Yes, English sucks eggs
and if we do adopt it as universal language, it should get an enema
for sure. But i am all for scraping the English language all together
and creating something completely new.

> Btw how many foreign languages do you speak?

I guess you judge intelligence from memorization of redundant facts?
Some people believe this, however i don't. I have gb's and gb's on my
hard drive for storing redundant facts. I use my mind for dreaming,
reasoning, contemplating, exploring, etc, not as a refuse bin! As i
said before language is nothing more than a utility, a way to
communicate with others. You can romanticize it all you want but at
the end of the day it is nothing more than what it is. People who
romanticize language typically like Shakespeare and such. I have no
interest in flower sniffing pansies from days gone by. My interest are
science, technology, and the advancement of human intelligence. I
leave Saturday morning cartoons for children.

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