Retracing your steps in an interactive python env

Jack Norton jack at
Mon Sep 14 21:52:34 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I am playing around in a python shell (IPython on win32 right now 
actually).  I am writing some code on the fly to interface to a rotary 
encoder (not important in this scope).

Anyway, I have created a function using def, and well, I like the way it 
is working, however...  I have already filled the command line history 
buffer (the com.exe buffer?) so _what_ I actually filled this def with 
is lost.  Now, it isn't that complicated, and I can easily re-write the 
function off the top of my head, however it would be really nice to be 
able to _ask_ python what makes up a def.
Something like this (remember I am using IPython interactive interpreter 
In [0]: def func(input):
.........:>>>print "im in this function!" + str(input)
.........:>>>print "doing some stuff"

Then later on while still in this interactive shell session I could do 
something like:
In [1]: what_is_in(func)
"The def for func(input) is:"
print "im in this function!" + str(input)
print "doing some stuff"

and therefore be able to recount what I just did.



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