Incremental project based programming guide

bouncyinc at bouncyinc at
Tue Sep 15 04:43:46 CEST 2009

I was wondering if anyone had actually designed their programming text around incremental parts of a project and then taken the results of the project at each chapter and created something of value. specifically in referwnce to python however other examples. ALl of education was around pointless and unapplicable theory texts for which I am reaping nothing. Surely someone has seen this in actiom to whit: ch1 design of problem ch2 design taken out of ch1 then done in ch2 to take input/ output for a smaller part ch3 take info from chs 1 at 2 to craft an answer that is from the same a theoretical chapter say 30 with a gui or some such. deitel and associates were unfortunately part of some of my worst exampes--drills applenty with little to no application. much appreciated towards python application and thanks in advance

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