Looking for a pure Python chart drawing module

John Nagle nagle at animats.com
Wed Sep 16 06:50:13 CEST 2009

Ethan Furman wrote:
> John Nagle wrote:
>> http://home.gna.org/pychart/doc/introduction.html
>>    Tried PyChart.  Set up for PNG file format.  Got the error
>> "Exception: Ghostscript not found."    This thing just creates
>> PostScript, then pumps it through GhostScript (anybody remember that?)
>> to get other formats. And does the documentation say that?  Only
>> in the FAQ section.  Grrr.
>>    There doesn't seem to be any pure Python chart module at all.
>> Just wrappers.
>>                 John Nagle
> http://home.gna.org/pychart/doc/module-theme.html
> Looks like it will directly create pdf files, not sure if that will for 
> you.
> Hope this helps.

    Thanks.  More usefully, the program will generate SVG output.
That I can use.  There are some bugs; the SVG text sizes are
about 2x too big.  But I can fix that.

				John Nagle

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