An assessment of the Unicode standard

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Wed Sep 16 11:36:16 CEST 2009

r wrote:
>> You're on a slippery slope when you claim that people deserve whatever
>> mistreatment or misfortune comes their way through mere circumstances
>> of birth. I suggest you step back and actually read your messages
>> again and consider how others might interpret them.
> Paul: civilizations rise and fall, this is beyond our control. Every
> great power will utter fail at some point. Some die out like a slow
> burning candle, others go quickly and painfully from defeating blows
> in war time. This is an eventuality you must face friend. This whole
> save the whales BS is really getting on my nerves! Stop trying to play
> God Paul, it is not your decision when and where the blade shall
> fall.
> When a people stop evolving and no longer have anything productive to
> give to evolution, evolution stamps them out. If the Indians had
> developed gun power and industrialized America they might be running
> more than merely a casino. Oh No! Was that out of line, you will
> probably think so.

Ah.. Indian American is a good example. Since they had been so isolated 
from the rest of the world, their language, culture, and technology did 
not develop very well. An Orwellian nightmare of a single, unified 
language will more or less have the same effect as what geographical 
barrier did to the Indian American (and to other isolated cultures, e.g. 
Indigenous Australian, Papuan, Japanese (during the period of 
isolation), etc).

And contradictory to your belief, some Indian American DID adopt gun 
powders when the white European come. And Europeans DID NOT develop gun 
powders, the Chinese did. The Chinese invented early rockets and early 
guns, and most importantly the gun powder itself.

Before you convinced everyone to use the same natural language, you must 
convince everyone to use the same programming language. Nearly everyone 
have their natural language as their first language (mindset language); 
and nearly nobody have their favorite programming language as their 
mother tongue. It will be much easier to convince people to switch to a 
single, unified programming language since they don't have (or have much 
less) cultural ties and personal affection to the language.

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