Looking for a pure Python chart drawing module

Chris Colbert sccolbert at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 18:37:51 CEST 2009

by your definitions, Python is just a wrapper around a C library.

If none of the solutions work for you, roll your own.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:38 AM, Giacomo Boffi <giacomo.boffi at polimi.it> wrote:
> John Nagle <nagle at animats.com> writes:
>> gerlos wrote:
>>> John Nagle ha scritto:
>>>> I'm looking for something that can draw simple bar and pie charts
>>>> in Python.  I'm trying to find a Python package, not a wrapper for
>>>> some C library, as this has to run on both Windows and Linux
>>>> and version clashes are a problem.
>>> Did you look at matplotlib? In their examples page there are some
>>> charts like the ones you asked for. I guess it could work for you,
>>> and it seems to work flawlessy in MS Windows as in gnu/linux.
>>    That's a wrapper for Antigrain ("http://www.antigrain.com/"), which is
>> a C++ library.
> come on, you can configure matplotlib to use one of too many different
> backends
> from http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/users/customizing.html
> # the default backend; one of GTK GTKAgg GTKCairo CocoaAgg FltkAgg
> # MacOSX QtAgg Qt4Agg TkAgg WX WXAgg Agg Cairo GDK PS PDF SVG Template
> # You can also deploy your own backend outside of matplotlib by
> # referring to the module name (which must be in the PYTHONPATH) as
> # 'module://my_backend'
> backend      : GTKAgg
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