pyjamas pyv8run converts python to javascript, executes under command-line

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sat Sep 19 22:36:31 CEST 2009

>> the pyjamas project is taking a slightly different approach to achieve
>> this same goal: beat the stuffing out of the pyjamas compiler, rather
>> than hand-write such large sections of code in pure javascript, and
>> double-run regression tests (once as python, second time converted to
>> javascript under pyv8run, d8 or spidermonkey).
>> anyway, just thought there might be people who would be intrigued (or
>> horrified enough to care what's being done in the name of computer
>> science) by either of these projects.
> I've added pyjamas to the implementations page on the Python Wiki in
> the compilers section:

In what way is pyjamas a python implementation? As far as I know
pyjamas is an application written in python that is capable of
generating javascript code. Does this make it a 'python
implementation'? That would be news to me but I've been wrong many
times before.


> The Skulpt implementation, already listed by Cameron Laird on his page
> of Python implementations, is now also present, although using it is a
> bit like using various 8-bit microcomputer emulators which assume a UK
> keyboard and ignore the "replacement" keys on my own non-UK keyboard.

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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