pyjamas pyv8run converts python to javascript, executes under command-line

exarkun at exarkun at
Sun Sep 20 02:05:23 CEST 2009

On 19 Sep, 11:04 pm, robert.kern at wrote:
>Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>>>>the pyjamas project is taking a slightly different approach to 
>>>>this same goal: beat the stuffing out of the pyjamas compiler, 
>>>>than hand-write such large sections of code in pure javascript, and
>>>>double-run regression tests (once as python, second time converted 
>>>>javascript under pyv8run, d8 or spidermonkey).
>>>>anyway, just thought there might be people who would be intrigued 
>>>>horrified enough to care what's being done in the name of computer
>>>>science) by either of these projects.
>>>I've added pyjamas to the implementations page on the Python Wiki in
>>>the compilers section:
>>In what way is pyjamas a python implementation? As far as I know
>>pyjamas is an application written in python that is capable of
>>generating javascript code. Does this make it a 'python
>>implementation'? That would be news to me but I've been wrong many
>>times before.
>It converts Python code to Javascript.

The question is whether it converts Python code to JavaScript code with 
the same behavior.  I think you're implying that it does, but you left 
it implicit, and I think the point is central to deciding if pyjamas is 
a Python implementation or not, so I thought I'd try to make it 

Does pyjamas convert any Python program into a JavaScript program with 
the same behavior?  I don't intend to imply that it doesn't - I haven't 
been keeping up with pyjamas development, so I have no idea idea.  I 
think that the case *used* to be (perhaps a year or more ago) that 
pyjamas only operated on a fairly limited subset of Python.  If this was 
the case but has since changed, it might explain why some people are 
confused to hear pyjamas called a Python implementation now.


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