Comparison of parsers in python?

andrew cooke andrew at
Sun Sep 20 14:20:38 CEST 2009

On Sep 20, 8:11 am, Peng Yu <pengyu... at> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 6:50 AM, andrew cooke <and... at> wrote:
> > On Sep 19, 9:34 pm, Peng Yu <pengyu... at> wrote:
> >> On Sep 19, 6:05 pm, Robert Kern <robert.k... at> wrote:
> >> >
> >> This is more a less just a list of parsers. I would like some detailed
> >> guidelines on which one to choose for various parsing problems.
> > it would be simpler if you described what you want to do - parsers can
> > be used for a lot of problems.
> I have never used any parser. The task at my hand right now is to
> parse this, which
> is a fairly simple even without any parser package.
> I think that it is worthwhile for me to learn some parser packages to
> try to parse this format. So that I may in future parse more complex
> syntax. Do you have any suggestion what parser I should use for now?

pyparsing would work fine for that, and has a broad community of users
that will probably be helpful.

i am currently working on an extension to lepl that is related, and i
may use that format as an example.  if so, i'll tell you.  but for
now, i think pyparsing makes more sense for you.


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