pyjamas pyv8run converts python to javascript, executes under command-line

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Mon Sep 21 00:03:23 CEST 2009

On Sep 20, 12:05 am, exar... at wrote:

> Does pyjamas convert any Python program into a JavaScript program with
> the same behavior?

 that's one of the sub-goals of the pyjamas project, yes.

> I don't intend to imply that it doesn't - I haven't
> been keeping up with pyjamas development, so I have no idea idea.  I
> think that the case *used* to be (perhaps a year or more ago) that
> pyjamas only operated on a fairly limited subset of Python.  If this was
> the case but has since changed, it might explain why some people are
> confused to hear pyjamas called a Python implementation now.

 yup.  "-O" now equals [roughly] pyjamas 0.3 to 0.5p1 behaviour, aka
"pythonscript" - a mishmash of python grammar/syntax with javascriptic

 since kees joined, he's been steaming ahead with python
interoperability (--strict option).  he first started out by improving
the pyjamas compiler and support libraries to the point where the
python version of could be compiled to javascript
as-is, and it's gone from there, really.

 on the roadmap is to take a look at what the unladen/swallow team
have done, when they get to their stage 2 "unboxing", and see if
calling out to PyV8 or Python-SpiderMonkey objects can be done from
intobject.c, longobject.c etc.

 if the early experiments are anything to go by, python will then have
_yet another_ python accelerator.

 but, really, for that to properly happen, python has _got_ to get
some type-checking decorators on functions:

 @paramtypecheck(foo=int, bar=[int, str])
 @paramtypecheck(int, [int, str]) # or this
 def randomfunction(foo, bar):
     if isinstance(bar, str):
         bar = int(bar)
     return foo + bar

 this kind of type-checking guidance would _drastically_ help out all
of the compilers (such as that python-to-c++ one), and could probably
also be utilised by itself, ultimately, to speed up
function execution.

 it's also just good software engineering practice to check parameters
and return results.


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