Is there a concerted effort afoot to improve the Python Wiki?

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> I've noticed over the past few weeks a huge increase in the frequency of
> edits in the Python wiki.  Many of those are due to Carl Trachte's work on
> non-English pages about Python.  There are plenty of other pages going under
> the knife as well though.  Is there some community movement people are aware
> of to wrangle the wiki into better shape?
> Thanks,
> Skip

Yes, as Rami says, there are moves afoot.  I've been working with
Carl, who is no longer with diversity at -- something of a
hornets nest is you ask me.  We're hoping to go open archive so it's
not such a Chamber of Whispers.

Here's an excerpt from the archive (subscribers only) for your
edificiation.  You'll find more at this Wiki page, which starts with
the PSF version of the Diversity statement, developed independently of
the private Aahz list initiative. (I distance
myself from this page, except for the PSF statement, as too punitive
and threatening, also amateurish).

I should put my cards on the table that I'm a "Quaker animist" and
think training monkeys to write "Hello world" in Python might be a
good way to improve user group diversity.

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Python is *not* just for humans at the end of the day (that's if you
wanna talk diversity for real).



Not a direct quote from PSF version (polished it some):



How about something like:

Diversity Statement:

Python is free and open source and is therefore deliberately placed in
the public commons for all humans to use, other species if they gain
this ability.

If you're a racist, bigoted pig from hell whom nobody loves, and you
choose to use Python, you're welcome.

If anyone says you have no right to use Python, because of all the
evil nonsense you pump out in the world, or because you're
(for some reason), they're wrong.

You may be in prison for other offenses, but using Python will never
be one of them  Using Python is not a crime.  Just use it.

That being said, the PSF does protect against counterfeits so if you
change the source in any way and try to conceal this, while pretending
you're sharing the "real" Python, expect repercussions.  That's an
offense.  Expect retaliation.



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