Compile kinterbasdb with mingw32 and python 2.6 - DLL load failed

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Mon Sep 21 11:10:46 CEST 2009

I have spent two week working with MinGW. The conclusion I came after a lot
of headaches and making the project getting late is: MinGW doesn't work
properly on MS Windows -- there are many conflicting variables and functions
with similar names on MinGW libs and MS Libs, e.g. windows.h, etc, etc. My
suggestion... avoid it. If you really need a C compiler to work on MS, try
anything else.

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From: Laszlo Nagy <gandalf at>
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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:53:06 +0430
Subject: Compile kinterbasdb with mingw32 and python 2.6 - DLL load failed
This is what I did so far:

#1. Install Python 2.6, Firebird 1.5 server (with libs and headers), egenix
mx base and mingw C compiler
#2. put "c:\MinGW\bin"  on the PATH (or wherever it is)
#3. extract kinterbasdb source to a temp folder
#4. hack setup.cfg. Change the build section:


#5. hack

Replace this:
      customCompilerName = 'msvc'
With this:
      customCompilerName = 'mingw32-gcc'

#6. run "python install"

The building and installation went find. But I cannot "import kinterbasdb"
because I get a "DLL load failed" error. I figured out that has something to
do with msvcr90 and "_ftime". Can you please give me some advice how to
solve this problem?


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