easy question, how to double a variable

Tim Chase python.list at tim.thechases.com
Mon Sep 21 23:38:26 CEST 2009

daggerdvm wrote:
> what are you retarded?  this is not a test you moron, i can ask all
> the questions i want about it.

You seem to have forgotten to CC the list.   Let me help show the 
world your "mad skillz" -- at replying, at programming, at 
orthography, at interpersonal communication...

Sure you can ask all the questions you want...and the newsgroup 
can give all the answers it sees fit.  In all likelihood, your 
professor wanted *you* to solve the problem, not have 
comp.lang.python solve the problem for you.  You got at least two 
answers that "solve" the problem, but were designed to clearly 
indicated to the professor that you didn't author them yourself.

 From my experience teaching students to program, that's the sort 
of problem that 4th or 5th graders (who have been paying 
attention in class) should be able to do with no need to ask for 

Given that you made *no* effort (your post had *zero* code to 
show you had even attempted the problem), you got back far more 
than you put in.


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