cleanup in sys.excepthook?

akonsu akonsu at
Wed Sep 23 18:02:17 CEST 2009

On Sep 23, 11:57 am, Jean-Michel Pichavant <jeanmic... at>
> akonsu wrote:
> > hello,
> > my script creates files that i need to delete if an exception is
> > thrown.
> > is this a good pythonic style to do this kind of cleanup in
> > sys.excepthook instead of inside except clause of a try block?
> > konstantin
> def doIt():
>     pass
> try:
>     doIt()
> except Exception, exc:
>     #cleaning up files
> I mean, what is the problem with try except ? It's pythonic. If you tell
> us what wrong with it in your case, we may spend time on hacking
> sys.excepthook.
> Jean-Michel

thanks. nothing is wrong with try/except. i just already have an
excepthook handler that uses logger to send emails if a critical error
occurs, so i was just thinking that maybe i can add cleanup there. i
agree, try/except makes more sense.


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