custom data warehouse in python vs. out-of-the-box ETL tool

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Wed Sep 23 22:39:10 CEST 2009

Tony Schmidt wrote:

> So do you think it would be very beneficial for me to start with an
> Inman or Kimball book?  Or do you think it would be just leisure
> reading and not very practical at best - fill my head with needless
> jargon and inflexible dogmas, at worst?

You have an unique opportunity here ;-)
I would recommend that you start by writing down what you want and how 
it should look like, don't be bothered yet with implementation details 
like how tables should be organised, just how you want to access your 
data for the end-result.

Than make a detailed list of caveats which you can already see; 
security, distribution, centralisation, real-time sync, etc.

Use that list, go to a tech library and flick through all the books and 
look for signs that they actually have a solution for your problems, 
read those books and take the things that make sense.

After you done this a couple of times you should see some patterns 
starting to form and see that some solutions which you used in the past, 
although working are better handled differently. But the main thing is 
that you should have something working, which is the proof of the pudding.

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