Good libraries for network programming (not asynchronous)

Jeff McNeil jeff at
Thu Sep 24 04:36:44 CEST 2009

On Sep 23, 8:29 pm, Tvrtko <qvx3... at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any good alternative to twisted for network programming which
> doesn't involve asynchronous programming? I don't really like the
> asynchronous model because it is hard to incorporate all other
> blocking libraries that I have to use. And the code doesn't look nice.
> I recently found the diesel project which is much nicer, but still
> asynchronous.
> I'm looking for something that will manage all threads and connections
> and be between me and a raw socket.
> I know about the socketserver from standard library and I'm asking if
> there is anything else.
> Thanks,
> Tvrtko

I know this probably isn't overly helpful, but Twisted allows you to
defer a blocking call to a thread using a 'deferToThread' construct.
It exists so that you can run otherwise synchronous calls in an async.



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