Direct cloning from DNA, no PCR <SEX>

cyber science muhammadarifkhan2008 at
Thu Sep 24 14:42:55 CEST 2009

Direct cloning from DNA, no PCR

Listed below are five new sequences from directly-cloned claw DNA (no
PCR), either sample A or B. None of them match anything in
Genbank,apart from a weak match in one case to a repetitive sequence
on the humanY chromosome, which would be similar in primates.Either
this claw comes from a local monkey, or else from an exoticprimate
ancestor of man. I would have liked to have gotten 50 directclones,
however the material simply does not like to clone in E. coli,
evenafter extensive purification.There is one piece C left, that could
be analyzed separately from A and B.More productively, we could do DOP-
PCR on existing samples A and B,and gel purify to select for a size
mixture of 300 bp or greater. Then someother lab could clone it
easily, and sequence in great detail.

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