Regex trouble

MRAB python at
Thu Sep 24 17:25:05 CEST 2009

Support Desk wrote:
> I am trying to loop over a dictionary  of phone numbers and using a 
> python regex to determine if they are long distance or local and then 
> adding them to their appropriate dictionary, My regex doesn't appear to 
> be working though.
> My regex's are these
> international__iregex=r'^1?(011|001)'
> local__iregex=r'^1?(281|832|713|800)'
> #long distance
> ld_regex=r'^1?(281|832|713|800|866|877|011|001|888)'
> long_distance= {}
> My loop:
>                 for key1,value1 in x.items():
>                         if key1 == 'dest':       
>                                 if,value1):
>                                         long_distance[key1] = value1
>                                 print long_distance
Define "not working".

BTW, x.items() will give the key/value pairs, but key1 == 'dest' will be
true for only one of the keys, so you're really only looking at

Please provide a simple though complete example showing the problem,
stating what you expected and what you actually got, including any
tracebacks if an exception occurred.

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