IDE for python similar to visual basic

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> > Sounds like "somebody" failed to get input
> > from their users at design time. Or "somebody" has the inability to
> > relate to their end users.
> You're assuming that there is some "right" answer which is appropriate for
> all users. There isn't.

I worked for a company that had a team composed of graphic artists, QA
types, etc...that did nothing but draw up GUI's, show them to customers,
revise them, write up runnable "dummies" of the approved GUI's, performed
usability studies with our customers using the dummy GUI's, and finally
handed the GUI's over to dev so they could put in the guts to make it "do

"Bugs" or "Cases" involving the GUI needing revision because a button needed
to be moved for usability were *extremely* rare, and the GUI didn't require
an additional toolset that allowed end users to tweak them.

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