Poll: Do you use csv.Sniffer?

Alex_Gaynor alex.gaynor at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 06:00:25 CEST 2009

On Sep 24, 10:26 pm, s... at pobox.com wrote:
> If you are a csv module user, I have a question for you:  Do you use the
> csv.Sniffer class?
>     o Yes, frequently
>     o Yes, on occasion
>     o I tried it a few times but don't use it now
>     o No, I don't need it
>     o No, never heard of it
>     o No (some other reason)
> If you don't use it, how do you figure out the structure of your csv files?
>     o I just know
>     o I stumble around in the dark trying different parameters until the csv
>       reader starts to spit out useful data
> If csv.Sniff was to be removed from a future version of Python, how
> difficult would it be to adapt?
>     o No problem
>     o No problem as long as you make it available via PyPI
>     o It would be a problem
> If it would be a problem for you (which would not easily be solved by adding
> it to PyPI), feel free to describe why it would be a challenge for you.  In
> fact, please feel free to add any other comments you like to your response.
> Private replies please.
> Thanks,
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> Skip Montanaro - s... at pobox.com -http://www.smontanaro.net/
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I just used it yesterday :)  Not having it would mean I'd need to add
another dependency to my project so that I can import data from my
client (it's easier to reexport his Excel spreadsheets as CSV and
import that), that's not the end of the world, but what's the argument
against leaving it in the stdlib?


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