Crypto and export laws

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>>>>> "M.-A. Lemburg" <mal at> (M-L) wrote:

>M-L> Depending on how close a country follows the Wassenaar
>M-L> Arrangement ( OpenSSL, Python
>M-L> and all other open-source software falls under the

>M-L> """
>M-L> The Lists do not control "software" which is either:
>M-L> 1. ...
>M-L> 2. "In the public domain".
>M-L> """

>M-L> If you're shipping a closed-source product that includes
>M-L> OpenSSL, then you'd have to follow the rules in category 5
>M-L> part 2 of the dual-use list:


But Python is not in the public domain. Open source != public domain.
Public domain means there is no copyright and no license attached to it,
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