Most "active" coroutine library project?

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Fri Sep 25 23:07:51 CEST 2009

On 2009-09-25, Jason Tackaberry <tack at> wrote:

> Jean-Paul made the same argument.  In my view, the requirement to yield
> s.connect() is a feature, not a bug.  Here, IMO explicit truly is better
> than implicit.  I prefer to know at what specific points my routines may
> branch off.
> And I maintain that requiring yield doesn't make it any less a
> coroutine.
> Maybe we can call this an aesthetic difference of opinion?


You've a very valid point that "transparent" can also mean
"invisible", and stuff happening "invisibly" can be a source of
bugs.  All the invisible stuff going on in Perl and C++ has
always caused headaches for me.


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