can i use the browser to show the result of python

Hacken taokeqin at
Sun Sep 27 04:05:37 CEST 2009

On Sep 25, 6:27 pm, Dave Angel <da... at> wrote:
> Hacken wrote:
> > I have write some python script
> > i want to use browser(IE or FF) to call it, an show the returns!
> > how to?
> You don't say much about your environment, nor the nature of your
> script. So my response will be very generic.
> If your script writes a valid html/xml/xhtml format to stdout, then you
> could put the script onto a web server with cgi enabled, and mark it
> executable.  Then you could enter the URL for that cgi file into your
> browser, and see that generated web page.
> Interesting additional gotchas:  You need rights to upload (ftp) to such
> a server.  The server needs to have an appropriate Python available, and
> configured to permit cgi access for files with the .py extension.  
> Further, if the server is Unix, your file must be in Unix text format,
> with a shebang line that matches the location of the appropriate version
> of python on that particular server.
> DaveA


but,i do not want to setup a webserver, i think that is so big for
other user.

i just want write my programes in python, and i use Browser to show my

can i do that?and how to?


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