Business issues regarding adapting Python

Nash nasrullah at
Sun Sep 27 09:13:47 CEST 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm a big time python fan and it has helped me write code fast and
push it out quickly. We have a medium sized telecom product written
90% in Python and 10% in Java. The problem is, in the place where we
work (Pakistan), we can't find Python developers. I asked HR to send
me figures on how many people do we have available who have worked
with C++, Java, PHP and Python with 2-3 years of experience. They did
a search on available candidates on Pakistan's biggest jobsite and
this is what they sent:

Language: Available Candidates in Pakistan (Available Candidates in
our city)
Java: 2020 (750)
C++: 1540 (650)
PHP: 630 (310)
Python: 25 (4)

Almost no-one shows up with Python experience when we put out a job
opening and now it is becoming a real hurdle. Despite our liking and
cost savings with the language, we are thinking about shifting to

1. Have any of you faced a similar issue? How did you resolve it?
2. Do you think it makes sense to hire good programmers and train them
on Python?
3. If we do train people in Python for say a month; are we just
creating a team of mediocre programmers? Someone who has worked with
Python for over an year is much different than someone who has worked
with Python for only a month.
4. Any suggestions or idea? Related posts, articles etc would
certainly help!

I know that going Java will probably mean a 3x increase in the number
of people that we have and require time for Python component
replacement with Java ones. But for Business Continuity sake,
management doesn't mind.

Thanks a lot everyone!

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