Business issues regarding adapting Python

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Sun Sep 27 18:00:53 CEST 2009

Nash wrote:
<cut my own short tempered answer :-)>
> If I rephrase the question: In an absense of steady Python Developers;
> can there be a viable strategy involving training? Or will it be much
> safer going with an already common developer pool.
> Please note that my goal is not to promote python but to make a sound
> business decision. Using Python is not an absolute requirement.
> I appreciate all the feedback thus far, please keep it coming in,
> thanks everyone!

I would like to say YES!, however there is no general answer. Much of it 
depends on your business strategy. If your average flow-out of 
programmers is less then two* years (whether this is due to management, 
location, reward system, trigger happy HR or anything else doesn't 
matter) than it is not cost effective to 'train' your staff. So the 
options left are hire 'expensive' staff which meet your requirements or 
adjust your requirements and hire 'less expensive' staff.

However if you intend to have staff for long term periods and do what 
you need to do to keep them happy (market conform or above salary, room 
for personal improvements, keeping politics away and no 
micro-management), than training staff up to your requirements may be 
cost effective and is generally beneficial not only for the sheer work 
that needs to be done.

Actually if you make sure you have self motivated people with reasonable 
intelligence they will do much of that training for them self, the only 
thing you need to give them is time and a clear understanding what the 
long-term expectation is.

The expectation bit is very important and should be detailed, well at 
least for you. How can you blame your staff for not being up to 
expectation if you are not sure for yourself what it should be.

So in short, if you run your business where people are considered more 
than resources, training is beneficial and provides long term stability.

'If consumed, best digested with added seasoning to own preference.'

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