Multidimensional arrays/lists

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> I'm trying to write a little tic-tac-toe program I need a array/list such
> that I can represent the tic tac toe board with an x axis and y axis and  
> i
> can access each square to find out whether there is an X or an O. I have
> absolutely no idea how to do this in python and I really, really, don't  
> want
> to do this is C.

A list of lists.

>>> board = [[None, None, None], [None, None, None], [None, None, None]]
>>> board[0][0] = 'X'
>>> print board[0][1]

Just be a little careful constructing your board.  It's awfully easy to
end up with rows being the same list object if you're careless, and then
unexpected things happen :-)

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