Catch script hangs

Sean DiZazzo half.italian at
Mon Sep 28 04:45:36 CEST 2009

On Sep 27, 3:40 pm, Bakes <ba... at> wrote:
> Due to an ftp server issue, my python script sometimes hangs whilst
> downloading, unable to receive any more data. Is there any way that I
> could have python check, maybe through a thread or something, whether
> it has hanged (or just, if it's still active after 10 seconds, stop
> it?). I have looked at threading but there does not seem to be a stop
> method on threading, which is a problem. Could the lower level thread
> module be a solution?
> I was thinking something like:
> thread:
> spawn threaded timer, if it gets to 20, close the thread
> attempt download of file
> cancel threaded timer.
> exit thread.
> would that work at all?

I messed around, and came up with this:

import ftplib, socket

class MyFTP(ftplib.FTP):
    def storbinary(self, command, f, blocksize=8192, callback=None,
        Override the storbinary method to make the socket.connection()
object available
        outside the object, and to set the timeout of the socket
        self.voidcmd('TYPE I')
        self.conn = self.transfercmd(command)
        while 1:
            buf =
            if not buf:
            if callback: callback(buf)

ftp = MyFTP("","user","password")

fname = ""
timeout = 1

    with open(fname, 'r') as fi:
        #send the extra timeout arg
        ftp.storbinary("STOR %s" % fname, fi, timeout=timeout)
except socket.timeout:
    print "TIMED OUT!"
    #if we shutdown the socket connection, it seems to properly stop
the transfer


I think that should at least let you set a timeout for sending each
packet that will end the connection gracefully if the timeout is
reached.  Not sure if it raises any other problems.


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