Twisted PB: returning result as soon as ready

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Mon Sep 28 08:06:51 CEST 2009

Jean-Paul, thanks a lot for your patient.
I have read most of a the “The Twisted Documentation” which I think is very  
good for Deferred and ok for PB but it is really lacking on the Reactor. In  
my case it looks like this is key to achieve what I have in mind. I've also  
just received “Twisted network programming essential” but I don't expect  
too much from this book. Would you be able to suggest me a reference to  
understand the Reactors? I need to be aware of when this is blocked and how  
to avoid it.

I have a very simple objective in mind. I want to distribute some  
processing to different severs and collect and process results from a  
client as soon as they are ready. To achieve true parallelism it looks more  
complex than expected.

Many thank,
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