custom data warehouse in python vs. out-of-the-box ETL tool

Jim pacoffre at
Mon Sep 28 11:45:47 CEST 2009

On this post, you are talking about Talend and Informatica like both
comparable... indeed both tools are comparable in power and
But keep in mind Informatica is a proprietary solution, with no access
to the code. You have a license fee + other costs associated to the
of Infa.
Talend is an open source ETL able to perform data migration and
synchronization. It's code is open source. You can download the free
version of Talend, Talend Open Studio on the website.
Being an open source tool, you can adapt the software to your
organization and therefore spend less time and money on the
of your companies' own software.
Download it here:

Just my 2 cents about Talend and Informatica...

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