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Thank you for the elaboration, Chris!  I don't have the background to follow your example code.  However, between your summary of the code, and the code examples themselves, I have enough info to get a glimpse of what you're explaining.  Also, I can use the info as a foundation for further study on the matter.

Thanks too for the feedback about the "list."  I'm using a combination of yahoo email (to and from the mailing list) and Google Groups, until I figure out which works best.  Using a Usenet newsreader client is not an option for me at this point.


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the reply and info!

Re:  "from coin_toss import coin_toss"

My understanding is that this line makes the coin_toss() function in the coin_toss.py file available to the toss_winner() function.  Is that what your explanation on this point meant (i.e. "... and sets the local variable coin_toss to the value of coin_toss in the module coin_toss")?

That is the effect of the statement, however there are cases when the from coin_toss import coin_toss may result in a different value in the module. This is because:
from coin_toss import coin_tosseffectively does:import coin_tosscoin_toss = coin_toss.coin_toss

While this normally works as intended, it can have some unexpected effects. Take, for example:

-----ALPHA.PY-----from gamma import testimport betaimport gamma
test = 2gamma.test = 3print gamma.testprint test
print beta.testprint beta.gamma.test
-----BETA.PY----from gamma import testimport gamma

test = 1

With this setup, you'll get the output:>>> import Test.alpha321

If, however, you change gamma to read:test = ['1']

and the lines in alpha:

test = 2gamma.test = 3
to read:
you'll get:
>>> import Test.alpha['1', '2', '3']['1', '2', '3']['1', '2', '3']['1', '2', '3']

As this shows, the "from MODULE import VALUE" method rebinds the varible from another module in the local scope, and thus does:import MODULE

This means that for some types, the value in MODULE and the value in the local scope may not be the same and other times they may be the same.

For your purposes, you'll notice no real difference. However this is something to keep in mind.


Re:  "... within a function, a different namespace exists ....", and "... you may want to look into the global keyword ....."

Ok, I will read up on these.  Thank you for the tips!


P..S.  I didn't see your reply to my post in the comp.lang.python Google Groups.  I assume you emailed your reply directly to me.  I also assume you're not looking for my response in comp.lang.python Google Groups.  This is my first time posting, so I'm not sure what the "posting-reply" conventions are.  

 It should have shown up on the python list - I just forgot to remove you from it (I used G-Mail's reply all). In general, unless the reply is off-topic or personal, it should be replied to on-list. This allows more people to both see the answer and to help further explain the answer.

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Lets look at what is happening on a few of the lines here:

First:from coin_toss import coin_toss

imports the module coin_toss and sets the local variable coin_toss to the value of coin_toss in the module coin_toss.

coin_toss = coin_toss()

calls the function bound to the name coin_toss and assigns the result to coin_toss. Now this appears to be what you want (and run outside a function it would work as you intend, the first time). However, within a function, a different namespace exists, and Python sees that you are assigning to coin_toss, and thus uses the local version of that variable everywhere else within the function. As such, Python is attempting to call the local variable coin_toss, which has not yet been assigned too.

While not really the "correct" solution, you may want to look into the global keyword for more information about your problem.


On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 8:53 PM, pylearner <for_python at yahoo.com> wrote:

Python version = 2.6.1


Computer = Win-XP, SP2 (current with all windows updates)



I have written code for two things:  1) simulate a coin toss, and 2)

assign the toss result to a winner.  Code for the simulated coin toss

is in a file named "coin_toss.py."  Code for the assignment of the

toss result is in a file named "toss_winner.py."  Each file has one

simple function:  1) coin_toss(), and 2) toss_winner(), respectively.

The code for each file is listed below.


I am getting an error when I run "toss_winner.py."  The error message

is listed below.

Question #1:

Why am I getting this error?


As I understand it, the first statement of the toss_winner() function

body -- i.e. "coin_toss = coin_toss()" -- causes four things to

happen: 1) the coin_toss() function is called, 2) the coin_toss()

function is executed, 3) the coin_toss() function returns the value of

its local "coin_toss" variable, and 4) the returned value of the "coin

toss" variable that is local to the coin_toss() function is assigned

to the "coin toss" variable that is local to the toss_winner()


Given this understanding, it seems I should NOT be getting a

"referenced before assignment" error, involving the "coin_toss" local

variable of "toss_winner()."


I am new to programming and Python.  I'm currently self-studying

"Python Programming: An Intro to Computer Science" by Zelle.



Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<pyshell#2>", line 1, in <module>


  File "C:/Python26/toss_winner.py", line 7, in toss_winner

    coin_toss = coin_toss()

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'coin_toss' referenced before



# toss_winner.py

from coin_toss import coin_toss

def toss_winner():

    coin_toss = coin_toss()

    if coin_toss == "Heads":

        toss_winner = "Player A"

        print 'From "toss_winner" function >>',

        print "Toss Winner = " + str(toss_winner)


        toss_winner = "Player B"

        print 'From "toss_winner" function >>',

        print "Toss Winner = " + str(toss_winner)

    return toss_winner


# coin_toss.py

from random import random

def coin_toss():

    random_number = random()

    if random_number < .5:

        coin_toss = "Heads"

        print 'From "coin_toss" function >>',

        print "Toss result = " + str(coin_toss)


        coin_toss = "Tails"

        print 'From "coin_toss" function >>',

        print "Toss result = " + str(coin_toss)

    return coin_toss




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