Python win32 ActiveX scripting input box question

Kevin Young kyoung at
Tue Sep 29 00:22:04 CEST 2009

I am trying to assign the user input into a variable.
I am using Python as an ActiveX scripting language in a host that allows for 
activex scripting.
I am able to create an input box with the following

>> import win32ui
>> from pywin.mfc.dialog import Dialog
>> d = Dialog(win32ui.IDD_SIMPLE_INPUT)
>> d.CreateWindow()

This will create an input box dialog (there are other ways to create an 
input box with Python Win32, but this seems to be the only one that works in 
an activex scripting host).

I just CAN NOT figure out how to:
1.  Assign the user input in the input box into a variable that I can use in 
my script.
2.  I also, can not figure out how to change the Title of the dialog (I can 
change the Caption but not the Title), and
3.  The size (specially the height) of the input box dialog.

Any pointers/clues would be highly appreciated.

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