Most "active" coroutine library project?

Hendrik van Rooyen hendrik at
Tue Sep 29 16:16:52 CEST 2009

On Monday, 28 September 2009 16:44:48 Grant Edwards wrote:

> $10 is pretty expensive for a lot of applications.  I bet that
> processor also uses a lot of power and takes up a lot of board
> space. If you've only got $2-$3 in the money budget, 200uA at
> 1.8V in the power budget, and 6mm X 6mm of board-space, your
> choices are limited.
> Besides If you can get by with 256 or 512 bytes of RAM, why pay
> 4X the price for a 1K part?
> Besides which, the 8032 instruction set and development tools
> are icky compared to something like an MSP430 or an AVR. ;)
> [The 8032 is still head and shoulders above the 8-bit PIC
> family.]

I am biased.
I like the 8031 family.
I have written pre-emptive multitasking systems for it,
as well as state-machine round robin systems.
In assembler.
Who needs tools if you have a half decent macro assembler?
And if the macro assembler is not up to much, then you write your own pre 
processor using python.

The 803x bit handling is, in my arrogant opinion, still the best of any 
processor. - jump if bit set then clear as an atomic instruction rocks.


Where do you get such nice projects to work on?

- Hendrik

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