How to pass a global variable to a module?

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Mars creature wrote:
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>>> Dear Python users,
>>>   I just start to use python and love this language. I met this
>>> problem when I try to save my functions in a separate file.
>>> The question is how I can pass a global variable to a function which
>>> is saved in another file. If I save the function I defined in the same
>>> file with the main program, there is no problem after I declare the
>>> global variable. But problem comes out when I save all the function is
>>> a separate file. Help is very much appreciated! Thanks!
>>> Jinbo
>> In Python, as in many other languages, I'd advise that you think about  
>> whether your variable needs to be global, or whether you could (or should)  
>> simply pass the variable to the function as a parameter.
>> HTH,
>> Rami
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> Thank you guys for the prompt and helpful response.
>>From the link Gregor posted, it seems no way to share variable between
> modules.
> I can understand the point that global variables tends to mess up
> programs.
> Assume that I have 10 parameters need to pass to the function. If
> these parameters are fixed, I can use another module to store these 10
> parameters, and import to the module, as suggested by jean-michel. But
> what if these 10 parameters will be changed in the main program?
> Passing the variable to the function as a parameter suggested by Rami
> will certainly do, but I am wondering weather there are other ways.
> What you'd like to code it?

If there are a lot of them then an alternative is to pass them in some
sort of contains, such as a dict or an object:

 >>> class Params(object):

 >>> params = Params()
 >>> params.x = 'foo'
 >>> params.x

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