Simple if-else question

John Yeung gallium.arsenide at
Wed Sep 30 07:31:26 CEST 2009

On Sep 29, 1:25 pm, MRAB <pyt... at> wrote:

> The example that makes it clearest for me is searching
> through a list for a certain item and breaking out of
> the 'for' loop if I find it. If I get to the end of the
> list and still haven't broken out then I haven't found
> the item, and that's when the else statement takes effect:
> for item in my_list:
>      if item == desired_item:
>          print "Found it!"
>          break
> else:
>      print "It's not in the list"

To me, this is the quintessential use case and clearest example of the


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