Most "active" coroutine library project?

Paul Rubin http
Wed Sep 30 09:46:38 CEST 2009

Hendrik van Rooyen <hendrik at> writes:
> You were lucky - I started with an 8039 and the 8048 was a step up!
> ....
> This is getting a bit far away from python and coroutines, though. :-)

Getting away from python in the opposite direction, if you click

the second presentation "Controlling Hybrid Vehicles with Haskell"
might interest you.  Basically it's about a high level DSL that
generates realtime control code written in C.  From the slides:

    * 5K lines of Haskell/atom replaced 120K lines of matlab, simulink,
      and visual basic.
    * 2 months to port simulink design to atom.
    * Rules with execution periods from 1ms to 10s all scheduled at
      compile time to a 1 ms main loop.
    * Atom design clears electronic/sw testing on first pass.
    * Currently in vehicle testing with no major issues.

Code is here:  

Blurb: "Atom is a Haskell DSL for designing hard realtime embedded
programs. Based on conditional term rewriting, atom will compile a
collection of atomic state transition rules to a C program with
constant memory use and deterministic execution time."

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