Getting a Python program to run of off a flash drive?

Abethebabe abrahamalrajhi at
Thu Apr 1 02:33:49 CEST 2010

On Mar 31, 7:04 pm, "Alf P. Steinbach" <al... at> wrote:
> * Abethebabe:
> > I wanted to know if there was a way I could get a Python program to
> > run off of my flash drive as soon as the computer (Windows) detected
> > the device?
> > For example I could have a a simple program that would create a text
> > document on the computers desktop when my flash drive is detected.
> As long as its your own computer, no problem.
> However, in the war between the corporate "we own your computer" and the
> individual's "I think the computer's mine" (so eloquently expressed as the main
> goal of the 70's Smalltalk project, to bring effective computing to the masses)
> the arms race is currently stuck at a point where any computer-literate person
> running Windows turns off the various run-automatically features as soon as
> they're sneak-introduced by Windows service packs and IE updates and whatever. I
> don't know, but I think there are six or seven such schemes. Happily, as far as
> I know they can all be turned off. If not for this then the recording industry
> could have sued a lot of people in Norway. But our laws require copy protection
> schemes to be effective, and a scheme based on a feature that most intelligent
> persons have turned off isn't effective, so wrt. law it's like it's not there.
> I think it was EMI who once distributed a nasty rootkit (and yes, it was theirs,
> it was not an accident) as a copy protection scheme on a music CD. Getting a lot
> of bad publicity for that they and other record companies didn't back off but
> continued with just less malware-like auto run protection. I was perplexed when
> I learned that one CD with Madrugada, that I'd copied to my hard disk, was
> supposedly protected this way. Sure enough, there was this sticker on it.
> However, since the idiot scheme they used was based on auto-run I never noticed.
> Cheers,
> - Alf

Interesting, so every new computer I'd use it on I would need to
disable these filters? If I could just disable them on my computer
though I'd be happy enough.

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