Getting a Python program to run of off a flash drive?

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Thu Apr 1 00:28:54 EDT 2010

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> Alf P. Steinbach <al... at> wrote:
> >I think it was EMI who once distributed a nasty rootkit (and yes, it  
> >was theirs, it was not an accident) as a copy protection scheme on a  
> >music CD.                                                              
> Sony, and I still (mostly) boycott Sony.  (I buy no Sony hardware, but
> because Sony owns a movie studio, it's a little more difficult to boycott
> Sony DVDs.)

Yea and i love how MS ships with autorun default to "ON" for
EVERYTHING!. Not to mention remote registry, and many other
atrocities. I have a whole list of unsafe settings i have to turn off
evry time i do a clean install.

Of course they *claim* it's because the lemmings are not smart enough
to open "my computer" and double click the CD icon (which has *some*
merits) but come on microsoft, with all the other crap you ship wide
open don't play coy with us!

And what did ever happen to Sony for such evil malware spreading
practices, a slap on the wrist thats what, filthy pigs!

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