decorators only when __debug__ == True

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Apr 1 15:16:29 CEST 2010

MRAB wrote:
> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> On Thu, 01 Apr 2010 00:27:51 +0100, MRAB wrote:
>>>>> A decorator shouldn't call the function it's decorating.
>>>> *raises eyebrow*
>>>> Surely, in the general case, a decorator SHOULD call the function it is
>>>> decorating? I'm sure you know that, but your wording is funny and could
>>>> confuse the OP.
>>> What I mean is that the function that's doing the decorating shouldn't
>>> call the function; it's the locally-defined wrapper function that calls
>>> the decorated function.
>> Ah, gotcha, that makes sense. Now I understand the distinction you
>> were making. Thank you for the clarification.
> I had the following idea: define the terms 'decorator', 'decoration' and
> 'decoratee'. The decorator applies the decoration to the decoratee. The
> decoratee is the function defined locally in the decorator.

It would make more sense (to me, at least) if the decoratee were the
function passed as an argument to the decorator.

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