Developement Question?

KB keith at
Thu Apr 1 17:23:24 CEST 2010

On Apr 1, 3:34 am, Wayne <infotech... at> wrote:
> My town office uses Microsoft operating system. They have a proprietary
> accounting system that uses excel for their accounting reports.
> I would like to read these report and reproduce the report so that
> the report can be seen on the web. I was thinking about using xlrd and
> xlwt along with some sort of software for building the web pages. I
> use linux only and do not use Microsoft.
> Q. Does python have to be installed on there computer to run the script?
> Q. Am I approaching this the wrong way? If so, what would be a better
> approach?

Wayne, check out google group python-excel.

They are very helpful there, and I believe there are threads on how to
compile what you are looking for into a .exe for just such a situation
(Disclaimer: I am far from an expert, so I may have misunderstood from
the python-excel thread if python is/isn't required on the target
machine once the .exe is built, but try that group - John Machin is
very responsive)

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