Pydev 1.5.6 Released (Django Integration)

Fabio Zadrozny fabio at
Thu Apr 1 19:10:00 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Pydev 1.5.6 has been released

Details on Pydev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights:

* Django integration:

    * New Django project can be created through wizards
    * Can set an existing project as a Django project (right-click
project > pydev > set as django project)
    * Can remove Django project config (right-click project > django >
remove django project config)
    * Custom actions can be passed to the configured through
ctrl+2+dj django_action -- if no action is passed, will open dialog to
choose from a list of previously used commands.
    * Predefined/custom actions can be used through right-clicking the
project > django > select custom action
    * location and settings module configured
    * Django shell (with code-completion, history, etc) available
    * Run/Debug as Django available
    * See: for more details

* Find/Replace:

    * The search in open files is no longer added in the find/replace
dialog and now works through Ctrl+2+s word_to_find (in the Pydev
editor) and if no word is passed, the editor selection is used

* Go to definiton:

    * Properly works with unsaved files (so, it will work when
searching for a definition on an unsaved file)
    * Properly working with eclipse 3.6 (having FileStoreEditorInput
as the editor input)

* Editor:

    * Automatically closing literals.
    * Removing closing pair on backspace on literal
    * Improved heuristics for automatically closing (, [ and {
    * Removing closing pairs on backspace on (,[ and {
    * ctrl+2+sl (sl comes from 'split lines' -- can be used to add a
new line after each comma in the selection
    * ctrl+2+is (is comes from 'import string' -- can be used to
transform the selected import into a string with dots

* General:

    * Code-completion properly working on relative import with an alias.
    * Fixed racing issue that could deadlock pydev (under really hard
to reproduce circumstances)
    * Removing reloading code while debugging until (if) it becomes
more mature in the python side
    * Fixed issue where a new project created didn't have the source
folder correctly set
    * Text selection in double click no longer has weird behavior
    * Local refactoring working on files not in the PYTHONPATH
    * Edit properly working on string substitution variables
    * Using with statement on python 2.5 no longer makes lines wrong in the AST

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python, Jython
and IronPython development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE
-- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax
highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others.


Fabio Zadrozny
Software Developer


Pydev - Python Development Environment for Eclipse

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